Monday, December 6, 2010

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san Chapter 1

Also known as Sayoko-san's Romantic Ghost Story and not Sayoko-san's Romantic Love Story as I've absentmindedly put.

Edit: Welp posted the Mangahelpers summary until I saw that it completely spoils the first chapter. Anyways here's the Mangahelpers summary with some parts removed.:
Sayoko is an incredibly kind, but solitary, young kimono-clad lady who has certain supernatural abilities. She can see ghosts, and she frees them from their places of death by agreeing to let them haunt her instead. As a result, everywhere she goes, she is followed by an army of well-meaning spirits that only she can see. Her weirdness tends to throw any normal people who would have otherwise possibly become her friends.
         Inaba is a poor college student who accidentally ran over her with his bicycle.


See? Now it just makes you go "what?"
Currently just me working on the series with translations from Limelight.



  1. Thanks for the release.

  2. Thanks! You did a great job! :)

  3. What a nice story.
    Keep it up :)

  4. As I was reading the description, at first I was thinking, sigh, another one of these spirit-talking ones; they're alright, but I'm not very interested...
    And then that last line sold it for me.

  5. seems really interesting !!! thank you for scanlating this story and for all the hard work you put in it !!!

  6. I would make this summary:

    What if you`re young but special, you can see ghosts. It might sound cool, but what if there are so many ghosts that you can`t see anything besides them?
    Then a lone student comes in your sight...and runs you over with his bike.
    What happened ? Come and see for yourself!