Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Renai kaidan Sayoko-san Chapter 3


So my method of editing a page and then going on Reddit for 20 minutes is not helping with release speeds.


  1. After kajillion years of reading manga I've become very skeptical about the new titles and authors.But this manga looks very promising,I hope you will continue scanlating it.


  2. No, RayCP. Limelight does the translations and I do the rest :)

  3. Thank you very much for this awesome manga, coming from a fellow redditor. I will pray to Inglip that you may overcome your hardships!

  4. This manga is good.
    As I don`t want to be just a leecher with the standard "When is the next relese comming, it`s allready been 3 MINUTES since the last relase" but I do want to see it released faster, I can proofread this manga if you need a 3`rd pair of eyes on it.

    You can find me at sssnitro@gmail.com . Please do delete my mail after you read this post.
    Keep up a good job eitherway!

    Your work shall survive the test of time, and spiral into eternity! ( Or until the internet is replaced with brain-computer cerebral implants that download directly to the brain ).

  5. Sorry that I seem to be holding up the release. I wasn't able to spend enough time to work on my translations due to the final exams & college projects. Not to mention, this chapter is quite hard to translate thanks to some omitted prepositions in the dialogues, which makes you wonder whether the character meant to say "He moved out of..." or "He moved out to...".

    I'll try to get it done within the next 24 hours.

  6. What is your timezone ?

    Good luck with the exams, we all have them!

  7. Do make sure you don`t write the translations of the manga in your exam and the exam answers in the manga. While your teacher may be a secret fan and really enjoy the translations, I doubt anyone will understand why the main heroine said a 200 word essey on "World Peace" in one speech bubble!

    It`s not like i`m checking this site every hour to see if the magic new post appeared, but how is the translation and editing going ? :)

    I have to much faith in you so I know the exams are just a simple formality for you so that the teachers have proof of your knowledge.
    ( P.S. Don`t forget to write your name on the exam after you fill in all the correct answers.It`s not like you can go afterwards to the teacher and say "You know the unnamed exam that answered all the questions correctly ? That`s mine! " . )

  8. You do make me check this blog every few hours XD

    Already sent chapter 4's translation to Aven yesterday. Well, give the man some time. I once tried to do solo scanlation and it ended up as an epic fail because I can't afford to spend hours editing a single page, which now Aven did splendidly.

    Also, maybe it's actually a good thing that we couldn't release it too fast because so far the raws is only up to chapter 10. After that, it will inevitably be pushed back to a monthly release.

    Of course there's another project we'd like to do together, but haven't got any luck in finding the raws.

  9. If you do a release every 15 days, it will take 5 months to become a monthly release.

    Are you sure aven can handle another project editing ? :) 30 pages at 2 hours per page = 60 hours. That`s 2 and a half days non-stop. If we include frugal sleep, about 3 days. If you pin another editing projec on him...he will become a ghost.

    And there is nothing much I can do to help for the moment except proofread. Maybe in a few months I can help you translate.
    Another thing, you guys need what all established groups need: a rants page! If felt a little empty without one :(.
    And one last question, in chapter 3, where did the girl keep all those toys that keep appearing in her hands? Is she a ninja that allways carries 10 kg toys under her clothes? Does she allways has them on her? I mean I would`ve understood if she took some of the childs toys and made up horror stories about them..but I can`t see where she kept hidden on her body that last toy, that walked and turned around. ( this would be an example of what to put on a rants page, or aven`s reddit coment next to the post :) )

    Ups, I tend to have to many ideas and rant on i`ll stop here for the moment.

  10. Hmm, should we make it every 10 days, then? XD
    Nah, I think there's no schedule to it. After all, it depends on free time and mood.

    Become a ghost... and join Sayoko's rank! XD

    But no, it doesn't work that way. Certainly, there are pages which need extra time to do, but usually you just need to find the right setting once, then you save it as a photoshop action. After that, you can automate the process for the rest of the chapter (aside text cleaning and redrawing, of course).

    About the dolls, they probably just follow her everywhere, don't they? XD

    And the last doll, I forgot to put a note on that one. It's actually some kind of robot, a very primitive one at that >> http://www.japantrendshop.com/karakuri-tea-serving-robot-gakken-p-339.html

  11. I wonder what would be if you used that robot to serve tea to a guest, but your table would be a few inches/cm short.
    But still,, such a marvelous contraption for only 91$ + shipping... .

    It would be nave if you`d relase a chapter every full moon. When the spirits are strong and the wolves are howling.

    So it`s like 2 hours on the firs page, then another 2-5 hours for the rest huh ? It`s hice, this automated thingy.

    The dolls don`t follow her, the dolls are real.so either she carries them on her body or her pocket has a hidden dimention. ( you`d think people would notice dolls that follow someone on the street...).

    ( and if you release every 10 days, it will take 2 months to become a montly release. ).