Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Renai kaidan Sayoko-san Chapter 4

Sorry about the quality of this chapter. Hoping to find some better raws soon. As for release speeds, since I'm starting to get more and more busy with other things, I think its time I start looking for a second editor. Anyways, no tests. If you can or have previous experience then shoot me an e-mail.


  1. A miracle has finally happened.

    Chaper 4 has been released from the evil wicked forces that locked it away in a hidden and forbidden language!

    It is a glorious day that shall mark the turning point in this great battle with the evil unknown forces that name themselfs "the law" !

    I would love to help with the editing, but regretfully I am ashamed to say I can`t for that would mean to spend hours on a page, destroying the miniuniverse created when you read a chapter from beginning to end in one go, and get to have that wonderfull feeling of actually beeing there! ( I doubt anyone was interested. :( )

    ( I wonder if Aven ever reads the comments, or is the brave translator in charge of public relations :) )
    ( p.s. : It`s easy to get a better raw : Put our honorable translator to search for social forums in the manga`s country of origin, engage in social interaction with people there and bribeing them with sweet words then with a swift enticement ask them gently(blackmail works too) to get the original manga and scan it and if he gives back a good raw, he shall receive one of the fake promises our translator made as a reward! < it`s easier than it sounds. > )

  2. Yes, I do read. I don't generally make people do work that I'm too lazy to do myself. Also, we already had troubles finding these raws.

  3. Thank you so much, as always :)

    I say, we go at our own pace, but of course it's good to have a faster release, too. I used to be a typesetter, so if you need some help in that department, just let me know.

    All problem about the raw might be solved if someone would lend me his KMC account *puppy eyes* :P

  4. @lime
    I will make a guess that KMC is an online manga distribuitor in it`s intended language.
    But the method I described is much more fun! And you will have a sense of fufillment like never before! And you would be making friends in the process. Win-win situation :)

    @ Aven
    Glad that you do look at the comments. And just so that you know, lazyness is the mother of 9 out of 10 inventions ;)
    Aven, you could allways add a rant page politely asking if anyone reading it uses KMC and if they do, they would recieve a credit on the rant if they lend the account to lime :)
    And do let me know if you will ever need a proofreader on Sayoko`s Adventure. :)

  5. Maybe you could submit request on
    Imho It's worth trying because I downloaded first 6 chapters "Sayoko-san" from there about half of year ago.

  6. Finally, the exam is over! Time to play some DotA..........not! I'll try to get chapter 5 translated within 3-4 days. I've promised to translate some other projects right now.

    KMC is known as the place where you can download some rarest stuffs from Japan (not just Japan, though) like manga, music, or software. The best thing about it is that you can direct download those files via file hostings such as megaupload, or rapidshare. It's way faster than downloading via P2P or IRC (at least for me).

    But, gaining a membership there is so complicated. I've lost hope >,<

    Thanks for the info :) I already submitted the request. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to get the tanks.

    About the chapters you downloaded, I can't find them on the packlist. Probably they came from Mangahelpers with some random filename.

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